Many of us are habituated to eat tasty food rather than healthy food. This is leading to many diseases and malnutrition. Nutritional food means it should contain all the recommended dietary requirements like vitamins, minerals, fibers and other essential macro elements. The so called tasty food contains all the unnecessary elements like fatty acids, cholesterol, zero fiber and high content of glucose and carbohydrates. Increased intake of glucose leads to diabetes. Once the person gets diabetes he becomes hub for many infections and diseases. Apart from this many people eat poor fiber content food or have poor eating habits. This is leads to fiber deficiency which is essential to protect the digestive health.

To protect the digestive health, prefer fiber rich products and supplements to add more fiber to your food. The fiber supplements promote healthy digestion and contain 12 billion colony forming bacteria per serving. Another form of supplements is probiotics, contains two strains of specific probiotics bacteria. These bacteria are clinically proven to survive the high acidic environment of the stomach. The supplement product has an advantage of delivery system which ensures the bacteria to be stable at room temperature for over a year. The probiotics nutritional supplement products are safe and effective for all age groups. You can mix with any kind of food or drink to supplement the nutrients.

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